May 2020

I hope you all had a great month of April! Those who followed the April forecast, I’m curious to hear how these energies have manifested for you. I personally didn’t expect such heavy shifts. One of my biggest takeaways from this past month is that getting clear doesn’t always mean the process feels light. Quite the opposite, in getting clear on what we want, we are also forced to face what we don’t want. This can feel a little bit overwhelming at times. That being said, it’s all part of the process in this magical journey and I’m very grateful to share with you. 

When I look at the month of May, we might be starting this month off on a stern note. Those moments of clarity we may have experienced, the realizations that came to light in April are going to guide us to set some firm boundaries for the first half of the month. It’s going to ask us to create structure around our endeavors. To relate this to our creative process, we may find ourselves having to re-evaluate our boundaries around our creative energy, our clients, the way we manage the business side of our endeavors and to get very real about our limitations in this time. We’re being asked to focus on what can be done rather than what we want to do. For us creative types, it’s easy to get lost in big ideas and future plans so we might find this challenging. This energy asks us to create structure in our projects and to look at our fears head on. Don’t be surprised if you have feelings of frustrations, instead, try to see how you may be going against this energy. This is an important milestone for us and will set a foundation for the future. 

Around mid-month we’re going to have a very communicative energy coming in. If you’re familiar with the chakra system there’s going to be a lot of crown and throat focus. The crown rules our connection to source, our trust in higher powers and all that is ‘’unseen’’. This might translate as strong messages coming in and if you’re not used to this energy you may feel like your thoughts are going a mile an hour. If this is the case, a journaling or writing practice might be good to get these words out into the physical world and help create more space in your thoughts. There’s going to be a strong pull and urgency to convey messages through our voice (spoken or written). Pay attention to this urgency and make sure to allow some stillness before taking action. This energy is a little bit wild and if not tended to properly, can cause us to act on impulse. In relation to the creative process, pay attention to the messages you want to convey through your work and the impact this may have on our vulnerable and younger communities. 

The end of the month is going to hit us with a strong flow of imaginative and ‘’psychic’’ energy. When I say psychic, I don’t mean you’ll suddenly be able to tell the future. I’m referring to things unseen. Things happening in our subconscious that may rise to our conscious minds to be looked at. Pay close attention to your dreams during this time, and I encourage you to keep a dream journal. Open your eyes to synchronicities and symbolism. But be aware of falling too deeply into your desires VS your needs, as this energy is being contrasted by our structured earthy energy from the beginning of the month.

Our subconscious is guiding us towards what IS rather than what COULD. Getting clear on our needs at the beginning of the month will help us navigate this without falling too far into delusion. This month asks us to really focus on what is realistic to achieve with our creative endeavors and not get lost in fruitless longing. It’s also a great time for us to come to realizations of WHY we create in the first place, and how we can create things that are closer to our hearts. 

Reflection prompts for May: 

  • Where in my life could I set better boundaries in order to better nurture my creativity? 
  • What are my creative limitations? How can I gently overcome them? 
  • What are my fears in conquering these limitations? 
  • What are my favourite ways to communicate and what makes me feel safe to communicate? 
  • What are my creative needs at this time?
  • How do my dreams connect to my reality? How can I better translate my dreams into the real world? 

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