Chelsea & Eric

This was a super fun project that came out of nowhere! This lovely couple, Chelsea and Eric, came across my work at a local art show and reached out to me. They wanted me to create pieces for their bathroom, but the intention behind their project really hit home. They wanted me to create pieces not only to decorate their bathroom, but to hide the mirrors mounted in their build-in vanity. They told me this was an act of self-love for them. Having mirrors in the bathroom was affecting their mental health so they wanted to replace it with something that would bring them joy instead. Let me tell you, I was absolutely honored that they asked me to contribute to this idea. Projects of this kind truly fill me with the most gratitude and are a direct indication that I’m where I’m supposed to be.


The gave me full creative freedom (Best clients ever!) As I got to know them, it was clear that they both had a very special connection to the outdoors. I decided to get inspiration from the backyard at their new home. As I gazed at the beautiful landscape, I kept picturing bunnies and foxes enjoying the safety of their yard at dusk and dawn. I wanted to play with the theme of Moon and Sun energies by relating them to animals. Moon energy is soft, quiet and introspective wich I find is well represented by bunnies. Sun energy is strong, bright and outgoing and I thought this was well represented by foxes. When both energies are in harmony, they create a perfect balance. A balance I felt when I met them as a couple. The middle piece showcases their human existence in harmony with the animals. The flowers growing out of the hands symbolize growth as a result of balance and harmony.

This was a very fun and healing project for me, not only did I have the chance to create freely and contribute to a beautiful testament of self-love but I also gained two new friends. :)