New Mural at Pressed

Pressed is one of my favourite eateries in Ottawa. I always felt at home there. They were the first place to put up my art on the walls when I decided to release my work into the world. So I was absolutely ecstatic when they asked me to paint a mural for their entrance! To me, Pressed is a warm, creative and safe space for self expression. From music to visual arts and community events, this place brings people together. (Their delicious comfort food doesn’t hurt either!) When I was reading the mandate for this project, the theme of progressive growth really stood out to me. There is truly a celebration of eclectic individuality here.


I chose to represent this concept with a mix of wildflowers and creatures growing and living on the walls. There’s no better example of diversity and community than wild plants. Even when they belong to the same species, not one is ever the same. The diversity in wildflowers is what makes them beautiful. They bloom together just as this community thrives together. I also chose to paint insects living amongst the plants that aren’t usually represented as being ‘’Cute’’.

Personally, I find there’s a lot of beauty in things that aren’t typically labeled as ‘’beautiful’’ in our society and Pressed really honours all kinds of people in all of their colourful quirky goodness! Big hugs to them for keeping my tummy full while I worked.