Westboro FUSE street festival

On August 18th & 19th I was invited to paint live at the Westboro Fuse Festival. This was a great opportunity to meet my community and share what I love most. I was pleasantly visited by so many curious art lovers of all ages. My favourite visitor was this little girl who sat down directly on my painting mat and told me all of her hopes and dreams of becoming an artist just like me. She reminded me of myself as a child and it filled my heart with joy to be able to share my art with her.
The most special part of this project was that the festival allowed me to donate the final piece to the Cornerstone women’s shelter. I’ve always been a fan of giving back with my work in one way or another and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I had full creative freedom to paint whatever I liked (Thank you FUSE!) so I chose to relate my painting to the theme of ‘’A transformation in process’’. I wanted to highlight the beauty that lives within our ‘’In Between’’ moments. It’s important to recognize our beauty as were in the midst of healing.
Loving ourselves is something that needs to be done at every stage of the healing process and not something that is only reserved for when we are finished. Even if we don’t have our full butterfly wings just yet, we are worthy of love and blooming.