Meaningful coincidences, also known as synchronicities are an occurence of events that seem related without any conventional causal explanation. A synchronicity can be a feeling, a thought, a moment, a symbol that is born from within your inner being, manifested into your physical world. They often show up when we need it most, to guide us on our journeys through life.  

I want to create illustrations based on your stories of synchronicity.

This is my way of collaborating with you, to create a community and to inspire you to pay attention to these moments in your life. These moments guide us and should be cherished. 

Send me your stories at with the subject line ‘’synchronicity’’ 
Feel free to send video or audio files if this is more accessible to you.  
All stories will remain anonymous and confidential. 
If I choose to make an illustration based on your story, I will send you a free print!