M O O N . M A R K E T . d e c 1 6 .

M I N D F U L . A R T


Corinne Blouin is a multimedia artist and yoga teacher based in Ottawa. She uses her art as a way to channel her emotions through the visual representation of her imagination. She’s highly influenced by exploring the inner self through mindful living, nature connection and meditation. This drives her to create in hopes of encouraging others to find safety in their own self-expression. She loves to collaborate on a variety of interdisciplinary projects. You can often find her gathering inspiration by attending local art and music events or creating with the Music.Art.Ppl Collective





 Forrest Fillmore is Corinne’s roommate and Mew-se. He enjoys keeping her company as she creates and offers her a calming energy. His grounded spirit helps her stay focused and creative. When he is not napping on her art supplies, he enjoys dipping his paws in water, eating house plants and sniffing fresh air coming through the windows.