Sketch & Stretch


The purpose of this workshop is to encourage participants to access an authentic creative expression through meditation and movement. This workshop is meant to connect participants to their creative energy and create a sense of safety around their self-expression. This also opens up the dialogue of art being an accessible tool for healthy self-soothing.  


Participants will be guided through a visualization meditation with gentle movement, stretching and music. Throughout the practice, there will be moments of stillness where participants will be encouraged to express themselves in a chosen medium (journaling, sketching, colouring, etc.) Together, we will flow in and out of movement and creative expression as we allow ourselves to follow the music. The meditation is used to connect participants to the intention of the workshop and let go of any mental barriers that may be holding them back from expressing themselves freely. The movement portion is intended to connect participants to their physical bodies and create a sense of belonging in the body. At the end, there will be time to share our experiences or ask questions. 

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