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EXPAND is a series of day-retreats created in partnership with Lucy Bryn (Reiki practitioner) and Manal Nemr (Life Coach) In these workshops we focus on mind-body connection. Together, we guide participants through a soft movement practice and energy healing to integrate our physical and emotional bodies. This is followed by a creative activity such as finger painting, colouring, pastel drawing and more. Before we begin the creative activity, we encourage participants to reflect on a subject that encourages self reflection. Participants are then encouraged to write down what comes up as they create, followed by a group discussion of our findings during the process. Snacks and tea are provided as we encourage participants to connect with one-another in a safe and inclusive setting. 

Creative Wellbeing 

Creative Wellbeing

Creative Wellbeing was founded in 2016 by Artist Corinne Blouin and Life Coach Manal Nemr. Together, they curate spaces that encourage their participants to find a greater sense of wellbeing through the act of creation. They use the colouring medium as a support tool for introspection and address various topics such as vulnerability, self-love, balance and more. These workshops foster a low-risk environment and allow participants to express themselves in a playful, yet insightful setting.

Participants learn valuable skills to build resilience towards various life topics. We work on developing self awareness skills to help them gain a better understanding of themselves and their needs. We help participants understand that self-exploration and healing is accessible to them at any time through simple creative exercises that can be continued on a personal level. This allows participants to connect creativity to wellness and empowers them to foster their creative abilities in a positive way. 

The Art of Flow

Coming soon!